WM Security Solutions can offer tremendous safety protection to individuals in all walks of life, from corporate executives to celebrities, as well as to a multitude of business and residential property owners. WM Security Solutions should definitely be contacted immediately by individuals looking to greatly benefit from the professional assistance of our highly trained security guards. WM Security Solutions have enormous experience in the security industry. We can significantly assist all prospective clients with such security issues as security guard and patrol services, basic armed and unarmed security, uniformed officers and night watchmen, event security, construction guard security, loss prevention, foot patrol services, estate and management security, and much more. Our substantive experience has allowed us to gain immense knowledge in all aspects of the security industry so we can most helpfully benefit their large number of residential and commercial clients.

WM Security Solutions is one of the top professional security companies that provide clients with the latest technology equipment & professionally trained uniformed security officer, security trailer and patrol services 24/7. WM Security Solutions will provide to all Security officers and/or clients with the following:

✔ Bicycle (Based on client’s needs)
✔ Hand Radio / Pager and Cell Phones
✔ Outdoor Warning Signs
✔ 24 Hr Field Supervisor/24 hr dispatch
✔ Daily Activity Report
✔ Incident Report / Visitor Log Report
✔ Wireless Security Sensors Around Premises (with Trailer on Site)
✔ Exterior Lights (for Construction Sites With Trailer Setup)
✔ Daily Patrol Report (G/Patrol System, based on client’s needs)

Trailer Guard

WM Security Solutions will provide a portable security headquarters (trailer) set up on your site with uniformed security guard, We will supply and install a perimeter alarm system customized to the needs of your site. We will provide cell phones, warning signs, fire extinguishers, first aid kits, and such other tools and/or equipment required to monitor activity on your site. Our security officer will spend time to patrol and then to monitor the site. Client are bound to provide electrical power for our security officer. If not, we shall provide minimal electrical power at an additional cost.

Standing Guard

WM Security Solutions will review and revise existing post orders, subject to your review, or create post orders where there are none, and review them with you to ensure that they accurately reflect your instructions. Daily Activity Reports (DAR’s) will be maintained at your site and will be distributed accordingly per your instructions. Incident Reports (IR’s) will be filled out and distributed in a manner and procedure you designate. We will use forms developed at your facility or provide them where there are none. All personnel will use their best efforts to observe and report any physical facility problems they observe such as damages, breakage, plumbing problems, and other reportable occurrences immediately in a manner or procedure that you designate

Patrol Services

Our company has developed the Patrol Division to assist our clients in a wide variety of assignments. The primary focus of this division is to provide those clients who don’t have the need or the resources for continuous hour guard security coverage, but who want the same high quality security service. Our patrol Division provides customers with supervisory personnel who will conduct regular patrol of facilities on the schedule set by our clients. The patrol officer will visit the site, inspect the property and provide our client with reports and information about the inspection. If problems are observed, our patrol officer will make the required notifications and remain at the site until the adequate remedy is provided. Our patrol service clients have the comfort of knowing that a high quality, professional organization is watching their facility.

WM Security Solutions provides all management, training (including OJT), supervision, manpower, material, supplies, and equipment (except as otherwise noted), and do plan, schedule, coordinate, and assure effective performance of all services described herein. All of the following rates include: Federal and State taxes, unemployment, workers compensation and liability insurances, overtime, training, turnover costs, recruiting, criminal records checks, drug testing, uniforms (blazers for desk clerks and full uniform for security officers), personnel costs, as well as all other management and supervision costs.

Whether you require standing or trailer guard our guards are exceptionally trained and rigorously screened uniformed security professionals. WM Security Solutions has taken a unique approach to the business of contract security. many of our competitors employ minimally screened and trained officers. our approach involves a proactive theory of well-groomed, exceptionally trained, uniformed security officers. our strategy entails several steps to mitigate the possibility and opportunity for theft of property, or injury to persons within the facility.

WM Security Solutions Offer's Premium Security Services To

✔ Airports
✔ Apartment Complexes
✔ Auto Dealerships
✔ Banks
✔ Colleges & Universities
✔ Commercial Real Estate
✔ Construction Sites
✔ Financial Institutions

✔ Gated Communities
✔ Golf & Country Clubs
✔ Government Services
✔ Healthcare Facilities
✔ High Rise / Workplaces
✔ Hotels & Motels
✔ Industrial Businesses
✔ Large & Small Businesses

✔ Major Corporations
✔ Manufacturing & Industrial
✔ Municipalities
✔ Property Managements
✔ Residential Communities
✔ Retail Stores
✔ Shopping Centers Other Industries and facilities

Highlights Of Our Services Includes

✔ 4 Hour Field Supervisor
✔ Checking On/Off Duty
✔ Alarm Response
✔ Bicycle (Based On Client’s Needs)
✔ Comprehensive Security Plan
✔ Crime Report
✔ Secure Parking Lot / Area
✔ Security Trailer On Job 24/7 -365

✔ Crowd Control Tactics ​
✔ Daily Activity Report / Visitor Log Report
✔ Daily Patrol Report (G/Patrol System)
✔ Foot Patrols
✔ Hand Radio / Pager And Cell Phones
✔ Incident Report
✔ Patrol The Common Area Walkways
✔ Physical Safety And Security For Property
✔ Review Of Guest Safety And Other Foresee Ability Issues

✔ Inspect The Carports Of The Property
✔ Maintain Guest List
✔ Notify Any Unusual Findings
✔ On –Site Guard
✔ Outdoor Warning Signs
✔ Patrol Car On Job 24/7 (Based On The Clients Need)
✔ Report To 911 For Suspicious Person On Property