WM Security Solutions is an Innovative, Aggressive & Experienced security guard company from Los Angeles, CA. We provide high quality security guard services throughout California. We pride ourselves on our high standard of service. Our top priority is to insure the safety and security of our clients. At WM Security Solutions, We offer a variety of services including emergency security guard services for circumstances that require immediate services.
We offer a variety of high quality security guard services at competitive prices. We specialize in Commercial Security, Residential Services & Construction Site Security. Our Team is devoted to Helping our client find the right security service for their individual needs.

Commercial Security

At WM Security Solutions, we specialize in commercial security. We can provide security for high rise building , office floor, hotels, warehouses, government facilities, and banks. The objective of our commercial security officers is to reduce the risk of left and loss for our client as well as providing a safe working environment.

For Our Commercial Client, We Offer To Provide:
✔ Armed/ Unarmed Security Officers
✔ Foot Patrol Officers
✔ Bicycle/ Vehiculer Patrol Officers
✔ Hand Radios / Pagers
✔ 24 hour field inspection/ Supervision
✔ Carefully Mentioned daily activity Visitor Log & incident reports

Residential Security

With all the new apartment complexes rising in southern California, we have the expertise to handle all front desk and security needs for our residential clients. The main objective of our residential security officers is to provide a safe and secure environment for the residential clients.

We can provide services for apartment complexes, condominium buildings , luxury estates , and homeowners associations. our guard will lock doors gates, take lighting reports Patrol Assigned site on Foot Or in Security Vehicle ,Check For irregularities and inspect Installed Devices, FIre Control Equipment,Unblocked Doors, Blocked Entrances and Exits, Mechanical Problems , Check For unsafe conditions Hazard , Security Violations Vandalism And Trespassing.

For Our Residential Security , We offer to Provide:
✔ Unarmed Uniformed Patrol Guards
✔ Security Vehicle on site
✔ Concierge / Front desk Services
✔ Camra monitoring services
✔ Field Inspections, Daily Activity Reports, Guard Scan System, Incident Reports & More

Retail Security

The objective of our retail security officers is to decrease the risk of theft or loss for our retail clients while providing a comfortable and professional shopping environment for their customers. Our Security Officers can provide round the clock manned guarding for commercial and retail premises.

We are experienced in deterring shoplifters as well as apprehending them. Store detectives are also available. The human Deterrent is still the best form of loss prevention as well as providing a safe environment for you and your staff.

For Our Retail Customers, We Offer To Provide:
✔ Unarmed Uniformed Patrol Guards
✔ Plain Clothes Loss Prevention (LP) Agents
✔ Camera Monitoring Services
✔ Security Vehicle On Premises
✔ Field inspections & Supervision
✔ Maintained Daily Activity & Incident Reports
✔ Guard Scan System GS3000, Incident Reports & More

Movie Production/ Emergency Security Solution

Our guards are trained in access control, crowd management, traffic control, and executive protection. The main objective of our special events security is to maintain peace and order at events. Our Security Guards will always be responsible for only allowing the allowed press and paparazzi in. Movie Screenings involve alcohol sometimes and with our Security Guards we will also be in charge of Patrolling the area and escorting unwanted guests out. For any emergences circumstance you might have, we provide 24 hour emergency security service. We will respond to your calls within minutes and have someone at your site as promptly as possible.

With consistent to our armed, unarmed uniformed officers, we Offer To provide:
✔ Professional suit & tie Officers
✔ Professional escort Service
✔ Roving Officers, Moving With Movie Production Crew
✔ Foot Patrols, Fire Watch Service
✔ Make Security Presence Known to public much & moren

Construction Site Management

WM Security is the leader in providing security solutions to all clients in the construction industry, with over 26 years of experience in the security industry we understand what our clients expectations are to ensure that our clients receive uncompromised services, we offer a customized security package designed to your exact specifications. With the rising cost of metals, construction sites are becoming targets for theft. Our construction security officers are a great visible deterrent for site theft and vandalism. The main objection of our security officers is to reduce the risk of vandalism and theft from the work site.

With consistent to our armed, unarmed uniformed officer, we can provide
✔ Trailer Guard with trailer Setup on site
✔ Security trailer on job 24/7 -365
✔ Alarm response
✔ Crime report
✔ Daily activity report
✔ Incident report
✔ On-site guard
✔ 24 hour field supervision & 24 hour Dispatch
✔ Foot patrols & More Click here for more Details